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How to Improve Your Website's Performance and Gain Customers
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    How to Improve Your Website's Performance and Gain Customers

    As what you are about to read was written during May 2002, it may sound a bit dated, bearing in mind the speed at which the internet moves, however the fundementals have not changed and are still valid today as they were then.

  • Why some sites fail?

    Before going any further it is a good idea to look at some of the reasons for the failure of some web sites. Learning from the mistakes of others is certainly a lot cheaper than making those same mistakes ourselves.

  • Your objectives and goals

    your choices are to either continue as you are or you will have to re-conceptualize the business and build a presentation that is capable of convincing customers, investors and employees that there exists a clear, unmet and large customer need.

  • Your target audience

    Clearly identify your audience. You must understand who he or she is. Do your homework. Build a profile of who it is you are selling to. Find out what is important to them - not to you. This allows you to develop your marketing strategy successfully.

  • Your value proposition - USP

    Your USP or Unique Selling Point or Proposition needs to be identified and clearly communicated to your prospects and customers. It is that something that makes your products or services unique and distinctive from others in the market place.

  • Website development and implementation

    In developing and implementing your website you have to create the ability for your company to distinguish itself from the internet traffic jam. To do this you must consider how you are going to promote and market your website and how your site is going to be viewed by your customers.

  • Factors that will determine your success

    Your site's loading time is absolutely crucial, etc.

  • Performance indicators / maximising your results

    A large part of building a solid and successful e-business is being aware of the ways your customers reach your site. But this does not stop there; you also need to know what pages are the most popular, and which advertising campaigns are working

  • Website promotion

    You need to promote your website so that the world, or at least your target audience, will see it. However promotion requires real effort, probably a lot more effort than creating the web site took.

  • Projecting the right image

    Your website should project an appropriate image for your target audience.

  • Freedom from too many choices

    Some research has indicated that consumers may actually want less, rather than more choices.

  • Using colour on the Internet

    Use complementary web safe colours on your website.

  • Attract and keep customers

    Getting your prospective customer to your website is one thing, but getting them to stay there is another.

  • What sells on the Internet

    Keep in mind that not everything sells well over the web. Some products sell best when the customer is able to touch, taste, smell, try on or sample them.

  • The Key

    Know that there are no absolutes, in creating, improving and promoting your website because there are so many variable.

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